19 for 19


In celebration of my 19th birthday today…

19 things that I want to accomplish at 19

  1. Learn some form of self-defense
  2. Shadow a doctor in a field I haven’t worked in before
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Perfect the art of a kale or spinach smoothie
  5. Find a research lab I am interested in and contact the professor
  6. Confidently hold my tripod headstand
  7. Go to a concert of an artist that I’ve never seen before
  8. Attend a book signing of an author I love
  9. Go for a sunrise hike
  10. Make a budget and SAVE money
  11. Stop biting my nails
  12. Go on a yoga retreat
  13. Start a clean-eating recipe box
  14. Read 3 new poetry books
  15. Run a 15k
  16. Create an itinerary for my trip to Spain and Portugal
  17. Apply for a big person job
  18. Take a road trip somewhere I’ve never been
  19. Become unshakable in the belief that I am worthy of a big life (thanks for this one, Kristin Lohr)

Here’s to 19, my friends!!




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