looking back, moving forward

One of my favorite things to do for New Year’s is to recap the previous year and write down things that I am looking forward to in the coming year. For me, this is a really cool way to thank God for the many blessings He has given me and to drum up some excitement for new adventures. So many people (me included) get caught up in the “new year, new me” phase, where they try to make huge changes in their lives all at one time. And let’s be honest…not many people stick to their New Year’s resolutions. By reflecting on the previous year, we can see how much we’ve grown, and by looking forward to the new year, we can visualize the potential for even more growth.

2016 Recap:

  • kicked off this year by swimming with manatees on January 1st!
  • got accepted to Georgia Tech…on my birthday
  • took a trip to Athens to watch my “big brother” pitch in his first collegiate baseball game
  • went to prom with my best friend who flew all the way down from Massachusetts
  • nervously gave my first public speech to accept one of my school’s scholarships
  • graduated from high school, yay!!
  • surfed on the Oregon Coast (wohoo bucket list item checked off)
  • continued world-traveling with my sweet babe Jack (we worked on a potable water project in the Sacred Valley in Peru)
  • bungee jumped from the highest jump in South America (hooray for ANOTHER bucket list item being checked off)
  • hiked Machu Picchu (a THIRD bucket list item?! you bet!)
  • got surprised by two of my most treasured friends when they initiated me as a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha…ZLAM for the greatest sisterhood anyone could ever ask for
  • dressed up as a minion and Gru with my best friend Noah (shoutout to him for putting up with my craziness 24/7)
  • hiked Stone Mountain with the best group of froomies EVER!
  • said goodbye to 2016 with some of my best new friends….

What’s 2017 got in store?

  • relaunching my blog, FINALLY!
  • serving as the Assistant Fundraising Chairman for ZTA
  • turning 19 in a few days, ew I’m getting closer to having to be an actual adult
  • adventuring in the Caribbean for spring break
  • finishing my first year of college at Georgia Tech (if I survive finals again)
  • traveling to Spain and Portugal with my mom in May (two thumbs up for checking La Sagrada Familia off my bucket list) AND getting to see my favorite Spanish friend Iria while I’m there
  • cheering on the Yackets for another football season…THWG)
  • adding a perfect new little to the best ZLAM fam there ever was
  • preparing to study abroad for the following spring
  • and MANY more adventures that I’m so thankful for already!!

Cheers…to appreciating the past and anticipating the future!!


8 thoughts on “looking back, moving forward

  1. It seems like we’re in similar stages in life. I graduated HS and started college in 2016 also! Go us!!! Hope all your 2017 goals come true! This post also inspired me to do a similar recap on my blog. Thank you!

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  2. I love this post and your blog! I am a Zeta as well and currently junior in college! I love seeing sisters from other colleges writing about positive experiences! Also, adding a little to my family was one of my favorite experiences in ZTA.

    ZLAM from Indiana! ❤

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